• Here are all the commands you can use via Twitter and Discord to access Capswan features.

cs signup

  • Register a Capswan account if you don't have one already.
  • TWITTER: DM @CapswanApp cs signup
  • DISCORD: /cs signup

cs help

  • See the full list of available commands.
  • TWITTER: @CapswanApp cs help
  • DISCORD: /cs help OR /cs

cs predict

  • Place your predictions.
  • TWITTER: @CapswanApp cs predict <your prediction>
  • DISCORD: /cs predict <prediction text>

cs detail

  • Get full information on a current prediction.
  • TWITTER: @CapswanApp cs detail <prediction ID>
  • DISCORD: /cs detail <prediction ID>

cs prediction

  • Find your predictions metadata.
  • TWITTER: @CapswanApp cs prediction <prediction ID>
  • DISCORD: /cs prediction <prediction ID>

cs recent

  • See your last 5 predictions within the group.
  • TWITTER: @CapswanApp cs recent
  • DISCORD: /cs recent

cs asset

  • See a list of available assets to make predictions on.
  • DISCORD: /cs asset <ticker>

cs watch

  • Add a prediction to watchlist.
  • TWITTER: DM @CapswanApp cs watch <link prediction tweet>

cs stats

  • See open, win, surrender, loss, strike rate, swan score, and rank.
  • TWITTER: @CapswanApp cs stats
  • DISCORD: /cs stats