Making Predictions Via Discord DMs

  • Ensure your discord is registered on Capswan App. See Discord Setup for more info.
  • Add Capswan bot as a friend Capswan#7499
  • Send Capswan bot a message with your prediction eg. “Bitcoin will go up to $40,000 by this Sunday”
  • Capswan bot will reply telling you if your prediction has been successful or not discordpred1.png

Making Predictions Via Discord Slash Commands

  • Discord groups with the Capswan bot setup can use the /cs command to make predictions within the group.
  • To use the Capswan bot type /cs help to see a full list of available commands.


/cs predict

  • Using the /cs predict command allows users to place predictions via Discord.
  • Type /cs predict followed by your prediction and it will be saved within the capswan app. For explanations and examples on how to use predictive text click here.
  • Once saved, the Capswan bot will respond with a confirmation message as seen below.


discordpredictshare.png sharewithchannel.png

/cs detail

  • The /cs detail commands allow users to get full information on a current prediction.
  • Find the prediction ID of the prediction of interest in the prediction metadata. See How to view predictions metadata on how to find your predictions metadata.
  • Type /cs detail <prediction ID>. slashcsdetail.png

/cs recent

  • Using the /cs recent command allows users to show their last 5 predictions within the Discord group.
  • Type /cs recent in the text box to see your last 5 predictions. slashcsrecent.png

/cs signup

  • Using Discord to register a Capswan account for users without one already.
  • See Discord signup.

/cs asset

  • The /cs asset commands can be used to see a list of available assets to make predictions on.
  • Simply use either of the commands, followed by the one or more letters present in your assets ticker. Please see example below.


🔓 Share with Channel

  • In order to share any bot command with a discord channel, the bot must have advanced permission allowed within the Discord channel.
  • If the bot does not have the required permissions within the channel, NO 🔓 Share with the channel option will appear below your slash commands. Slash commands will still be enabled.


  • To enable permissions, a Discord admin must click on the edit channel button of the channel.


  • Next, navigate to Advanced permissions . discpermission2.png

  • Add Capswan bot to list.