Using commands via Twitter DM or Tweets

  • All the below commands can be used in either twitter DMs or by tweeting @CapswanApp

Making Predictions Via Tweeting or Twitter DM

  • Ensure twitter is successfully connected to Capswan App. See Twitter Setup for more info.
  • Begin your tweet by tagging @CapswanApp followed by cs predict and your prediction. For explanations and examples on how to use predictive text click here
  • DM @CapswanApp cs predict followed by your prediction. Capswan will reply to your message if the prediction was placed successfully. twitscpredict.png
  • Check your Capswan dashboard to ensure the prediction has been saved successfully.
  • Predictions made via tweeting will default to public on the Capswan app. To change this use the lock 🔒 emoji at the end of the prediction.

Getting Help Via Tweeting

  • Tweet the following @CapswanApp cs help. Capswan will return the following list of options. twittercshelp.png

Prediction Details

  • The cs detail ands allow users to get full information on a current prediction.
  • Find the prediction ID of the prediction of interest in the prediction metadata. See How to view predictions metadata on how to find your predictions metadata.
  • Tweet @CapswanApp cs detail <prediction ID> .



  • Tweet @CapswanApp cs stats.
  • This will show you a total breakdown of your performances to date on Capswan. twitterscstats.png