What Are Predictions And Why Make Them?

  • Publishing predictions act as a record for making calls.
  • Making predictions on Capswan allows you to keep records of your calls, as you would in a journal and provides you with a record of your journey so far.
  • Have you improved? How is your strike rate? Have you experienced alpha decay and lost your edge?
  • Use Capswan to keep a record of your performance and grow in your journey as a trader.
  • Ready to make some predictions? First, you should know about the 2 different types of predictions in Capswan:

Public Predictions

  • Public predictions are open to every Capswan user to view.
  • All public predictions can be viewed from the prediction feed (right hand side of home page) or through clicking on a user's profile.

Private Predictions

  • Private predictions are only visible to the user who made the prediction.
  • Other users can view that a private prediction has been made but cannot expand on details on price predictions or time of expiration.

Viewing your Predictions

1. Go to

2. Click "Home" on the left corner of the screen. ascreenshot.webp

3. You can view all your predictions chronologically arranged in this page.


Surrendering Predictions

  1. To surrender an open prediction, click the “X” button on the top right of your prediction.

user_cropped_screenshot (1).webp

  1. This will issue a confirmation message to delete your prediction. Click "Confirm" to close your prediction.

user_cropped_screenshot (2).webp