Strike Rate

  • Your strike rate is determined by how many wins vs losses you have.
  • Open predictions are not counted towards this number.
  • Your strike rate does not get affected by your swan score.

Swan Score

  • Your swan score is used to determine your performance and rank among your closed predictions.
  • It is calculated using a combination of price delta, elapsed time, and asset volatility.

Viper Charts

  • Viper Charts show the price data from the date a prediction has been made until the specified expiration date of the asset of interest.
  • Please see Viper Charts Twitter for fully open source charting.


  • Confidence is used as a way to mitigate the risk of your prediction's effect on your swan score.
  • By adding a level of confidence in your prediction, you are reducing the amount of swan score you are allowing yourself to risk on the prediction.
  • Confidence level effects your swan score by multiplying it by the fraction of your confidence
    • 10% confidence = 1/10 Swan Score prediction total
    • 70% confidence = 7/10 Swan Score prediction total

Prediction Feed

  • The prediction feed is the right hand side of the homepage.
  • This gives a summary of all predictions made within the Capswan app, both publicly and privately.
  • Private predictions will show who made the prediction and what asset the prediction was made on.
  • Public predictions are fully visible to all Capswan users.

Progress Bar

  • The progress bar is visible on all open predictions. It is used to track how far the prediction is from completion. progressbar.png

Prediction Metadata

  • To expand the full metadata available on a prediction see Metadata Instructions.
  • From the metadata, we can see the full range on information gathered when a prediction is made. This information is visible below.


Natural Language Processing (NLP)

  • Capswan uses NLP in order to extract metadata from a prediction.
  • The NLP is continuously being updated to keep up to date with current prediction styles.
  • To see the currently supported NLP, please see Prediction Text Styles.