• Gauge out the market sentiment by running your own polls. The market will do its thing, but what does your counterparty think?
  • What is the majority consensus? Gather data and use this to your advantage!
  • Based on whether it is a private poll or a public poll, users will get a chance to vote on the polls as a form of prediction.
  • Poll voting is unranked but scored. What you vote on a poll will not affect your swan score or leaderboard ranking.
  • All poll votings are anonymous.

Creating a Poll

  • Go to the Capswan homepage and click the “Polls” tab on the left side of the screen
  • Click “Create Poll”.
  • Enter the poll text > - Make sure your poll has Asset + Price Targt + Expiration Time > - Refer to the example templates below the text box for help.
  • Tick the Set Custom Duration box to add a specific time for your poll. > - Each poll will last for a maximum of 3 days OR half of the expiration time of the longest open prediction, whichever has a shorter timeframe.
  • Click the "Publish" button to have your poll live.


  • There are three stages of running a poll:

Poll Open

  • Poll is still accepting votes. You can refresh vote totals by clicking the icon.

Tracking Predictions

  • Poll is no longer accepting votes. Predictions from the poll are still open and tracked by Capswan.


  • Poll is no longer accepting votes. All predictions from the poll resolved into a Win or Loss.

Creating Polls: DEMO

1. Go to https://of.capswan.app/function/arm/poll

2. Click "Polls"

3. Click "Create Poll"

4. Enter the Poll text in the box. You can follow the template for the syntax.

5. Once you enter the poll text, you will see the auto-generated poll options.

6. If you want to be specific with the poll duration, tick the "Set Custom Duration".

7. Enter the poll duration within 1-168 hours.

8. Once you enter all the information, click "Publish"

9. NOTE: You will be prompted to link your Twitter to your Capswan Account if you have not done so already as the Polls will be published and run through Twitter.