View Predictions Metadata

  • Find the prediction you wish to inspect.
  • Hover over the prediction. Four icons will appear on the top right-hand corner of the prediction.
  • Click on the leftmost of the three items as seen from the image below.
  • Prediction metadata will be displayed on the screen.

View Predictions Metadata: DEMO

1. Navigate to

2. Go to the home page and scroll down to view predictions. user_cropped_screenshot (3).webp

3. Hover over the top right corner of your prediction. You will see 4 icons.

ascreenshot (1).webpascreenshot (1).webp

4. Click the icon on the leftmost side. Wait for the metadata to be generated.

ascreenshot (2).webp

5. Prediction metadata will be displayed on your screen. You can toggle various options to view details in this page.

user_cropped_screenshot (4).webp